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Consignment Software Ownership

Software 'License'

Your payment to a software vendor may only purchase the right to use the program. This is a 'software license'. You do not own the software and you cannot resell it.

Software Ownership

If you choose the right software you will own your copy of the software and you will have the right to resell it. A program purchased for $500 might be resold easily to someone else for $250 or $300, cutting your cost of using the software in half or more.

Ownership Gamesmanship

This aspect of consignment software does not escape exploitation and manipulation. Here are a couple of ways vendors dodge this issue:

  • One vendor charges a 50% commission upon resale. The 50% is based upon the value the vendor places on the software. (Oops. You're already out of control.) If the vendor determines the value to be $1000 and you sell the software for $500, you get nothing because your $500 goes to the vendor as a commission.
  • Wilson at says "Yes!" when asked if his software can be resold. Tucked away somewhere hard to find is this condition: 'The software can only be sold with a business and the new owner must continue to use the same store name, same location and address, same telephone number.' Since that rarely happens, the honest answer to "Can I resell this software?" is "Not likely."

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