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The BBB Busts Consignpro Again!


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There's just one person making all the decisions at 'Consignpro' and over the years the decisions have included employing illegal tactics in hopes of increasing sales.

In February of 2018 the Better Business Bureau chastised Wilson at Conpro for illegally displaying this fake accreditation seal that the BBB forced him to remove:

His one-man show was never investigated by the BBB, much less granted 'accreditation' or awarded an A+ rating.

The complete opposite is true. In an ongoing series of attempts to deceive the public, Wilson knowingly and willingly engaged in this act of deception to detract from his Actual BBB F Rating:

Click here to see the authentic BBB page on Conpro.

Now a year later the BBB department responsible for fairness in advertising has come down on Wilson again for displaying false claims about a competitor, clearly making the false accusation that BCSS software is sold by 'Net Money Business' (which is it not) and attempting to conflate an old F rating for 'Net Money Business' with Best Consignment Shop Software (which is rated A+ by the BBB).

To paraphrase Wilson, 'You may have come across one of our unscrupulous competitors while searching the web for consignment shop software. This competitor (Wilson at Conpro) has maligned our company and totally distorted our reputation, so we're inclined to answer him here. While we'd rather focus on the positives of selling resale shop software, we also try to protect consumers from costly mistakes.'

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