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Consignment Software 'Specials'

'Special Offers' may attract our attention, but they should also be a warning that something's hiding in the grass.

Special Offer!! Packages! Discounts!

Multiple exclamation points, big big colored letters and numbers (shouting) and claims of 'savings' are all tools of vendors with high-priced/over-priced products and services.

Another way to describe advertised 'Savings!!' is "consumer flypaper"!

The come on, from the website: "We realize shop owners love a great deal so we've paired with some great hardware choices to save you money!" (BS!) "3-Months [free] Support" (9 months and thereafter: not free!) "A Savings of $182" (compared to what?!) - And the shipping charge is???

Looking around the Internet finds a similar scanner, drawer and printers for roughly half of $2,225 (including shipping), soooo...

Just where is that 'great deal that shop owners love'?

Personally, if you can see the transparency of such sales hype, then your business stands a much better chance of succeeding as compared to a business owned by someone who is taken in by 'special offers' such as this.

The vendor offering this package headlines the page with "The leading provider of consignment and resale software for over 20 years!"

In advertising parlance that's known as a 'selling point' - some little tidbit thrown in for persuasion, but the concept is similar to that above: "Save 15%"

Two things missing: The exclamation point - and the extra charge for shipping...

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