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Hardware for Consignment

Huge differences in prices and service policies must be known before deciding upon a software vendor and sources for hardware.

Hardware Cost

Two software vendors price the exact same label printer at $349 and $469. To the latter price add about $15 for shipping for a total of $484.

The first vendor at $349 includes shipping. Support for the printer is free.

The second vendor at $484 will only support the printer for 30 days. After that it's $75 per support incident if you're on the annual support plan, $100 if you're not.

Here again it is quite possible to pay way more than is necessary to acquire equipment. It will pay to compare.

Ticky-Tack Fees

Vendors who tack on fees for cables, shipping and other imaginative opportunities are likely to exploit in other ways as well. A good rule of thumb is to find a vendor that doesn't play pricing games. If you pay the price that you saw quoted initially, you're probably in good stead.

Free Support

Buying hardware from the right source will provide you with free support, fast shipping, warranties of lengthy periods (3-5 years), fast replacement and dependability.

Where to Purchase Hardware

Of course you can purchase used merchandise on eBay or Craigslist or elsewhere. Just keep in mind that the software vendor will not be the source to contact when problems arise and you might be buying someone else's problems.

What to Purchase

Any barcode scanner 'should work' with any software program. Most ink printers (bubblejet, inkjet, LaserJet) should work. Receipt and label printers and cash drawers are different. Software must be configured to work with specific models. One way to determine if hardware will work with a specific software is to install the hardware, point to it from within the software and attempt to perform its function.

Usually cash drawers connect to receipt printers which connect to the computer. The drawer opens when a receipt is printed. The consignment software may work directly with a cash drawer using a special adapter.

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