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Excellence in Consignment Software!

"I am honest and fair in my dealings with my customers. How wonderful to have a software partner who treats me the same way!"

I actually did spend 5 weeks investigating consignment software, reading through websites and emails, listening to phone presentations, demoing several programs...

It took me that long because I was confused by all the sales whitewash and I was determined to get down to bare metal. Happily I did before purchasing software.

A Dozen Great Features in One Program

Your store will benefit the most if the software you choose has every one of these essential features (and there is only one that does):

  • Longevity: A software program written and backed by a team is far more likely to be around in the future (than one dependent upon one programmer for future maintenance). If you can talk to the guy who wrote the program, know that you would be at risk of no support if that one-legged stool fell over.
  • Honesty: With a little effort it's plain to see who's above board and who's not. When something smells fishy, ask to see where the policy, provision or statement resides on the vendor's website, or ask that representations be sent to you via email. Simply ask for a written full disclosure of every fee and every (adverse) policy prior to purchase. (Good luck.)
  • Low Initial Outlay: There's just no way any software program is worth $1,000 (plus endless fees) or $99 per month forever! After paying $1,000 and more for software, it's reasonable to expect a fair amount of help in getting set up and supported!
  • No Annual Fees: Are we really expected to buy the notion that this expense is "insurance". Against what? If the program is 'broken' they should fix it free of charge! Annual fees are nothing more than a mechanism for transferring money from your bank account to the software vendor's bank account.
  • No Add-On or Hidden Fees: Major irritation to see vendors promoting a price and suggesting that's as far as they plan on participating in your store's revenue, only to find additional costs hidden costs after purchase. That just burns me!
  • Total Long-Term Cost: Pay once for software. That is the only way to go. Any vendor charging fees has the green light to add fees and increases fees after you're stuck in the program. It's a known fact that every vendor who assesses annual fees has increased the annual fee considerably over time.
  • Software Ownership: That $1,000+ for software only buys the use of the software. Get a program that gives ownership of your copy to you so you can resell it later and recover some of the cost - maybe as much as 50%!
  • Software Updates: They should be free and without conditions! Refuse any software that advertises 'free updates with purchase of annual support plan' because what they are really saying is, "If you don't pay the annual support fee we will deny support and software updates and force you to pay!"
  • Credit-Card Processing: A program that allows you to use any card processor (and recommends low-cost providers to boot) is a real plus. You get the lowest rates and can change processors anytime because you're not locked into the processor the software vendor pushed. An informed decision here can add $100 per month to the bottom line.
  • Reasonably-Priced Hardware: It's a nice convenience to purchase everything needed from one source, but at what cost? Reasonable markups, no tacky add-ons and free shipping are good signs of provider determined to win your business and appreciation by adding value.
  • History and Reputation: A program with a history of hundreds of satisfied users over a long period of time is a very significant advantage over a new program that hasn't been time tested.
  • Policies and Provisions: A program free of gimmicks and catches is a clear indication that you will be treated with fairness for the life of the software!

And My Unequivocal Recommendation Is!

Best Consignment Shop Software - a seasoned program (circa 2002) and supported by multiple personnel in multiple locations - a vendor with a reputation and history of honest business practices and hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

Just recently BCSS has started offering a free version of the software which includes a competitive credit-card processing account.

What's my stake in this? I'm very pleased to say that when this software vendor said, "Trust us", I did, and I haven't been disappointed. It has been 2 years since my purchase and free support as promised, no undisclosed charges, pleasant professional people, a program that works as advertised with assurances of continued support, updates, new technology and free new features.

I am not compensated by or associated with BCSS. I am an independent store owner. I sponsor this website and endorse this software company because I do know the facts and I feel this is my opportunity to help others succeed in business - starting with the right software.

If you feel you've found a better solution for your situation, feel free to check with me.

Send an Email or call me at 606-789-1661.

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