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Consignment Software Copies

What Are Software Copies?

You're busy opening a consignment store. Maybe you're hoping just to survive or at least just fare well but what if you are successful beyond your dreams.

Taking 5 minutes to read about software copies now will save money before and after you open the doors for business.

A Huge Expense Ahead

Generally a software purchase provides one copy of the software to be used on one computer. Additional copies of the software are purchased for use on additional computers.

Let's take a look at putting 5 computers in service. (Who knows? Maybe you'll open a 2nd store.)

The cost of one software copy can range from $99 to $395, so the cost of adding 4 copies could be nominal at $396 or somewhat painful at $1,580.

The real sticker shock is the increased annual service fee. The columns in this chart are of the copy of the first copy and the annual service fee; the cost of each additional copy and the cost for 4 additional copies; then the annual service fee for 5 computers in use:

(Here were clearly see how "$995 software" ends up costing $5,000.)

Increasing Fees

The prices shown above are today's prices. They are higher than in the past and are likely to be higher yet in the future. (BCSS is the only provider which has actually lowered prices over time.)

Clearly the question is, "Do you want to get locked into a software with open-ended fees?"

Coup de Gras

With most vendors if you want to purchase an additional copy of the software for a second store, you must pay full price!

The cost of an additional BCSS copy for another store is about 1/4th of the original price.

Summary and Conclusion

The pricing strategies for 'additional software copies' is just one of the ways shop owners can pay far more than they first thought when viewing vendors' software home pages. It is unfortunate that we must be wary consumers and hence the purpose of Consignment Software Reviews:

"Know what to look for. Know where to look."

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