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Consignment Software Leasing - Is This a Joke?

Don't get suckered by an initial low-ball payment.

Year after year vendors devise new schemes to lure people into their way-over-priced offerings - everything from infringing upon the name 'Best Consignment Shop Software' to advertising $1,000 software as "$85 to get started", like this gem from Resaleworld who has absolutely nothing to do with Best Consignment Shop Software:

Now Wilson at has devised this doozy: leasing

The monthly cost is $129. Two computers? $158 every month! Four computers? $187 every month!

Wilson quoted: "The lease runs as long as you run your store for. If you wanted to convert the lease into a purchase at some point, half of your lease payments count toward the full purchase price ($1,295).

Now, why would anyone continue to pay 'for as long as your run your store' when lease payments can be converted to purchase at some point with an end to payments? (There are other ongoing never-ending fees for annual support, data backup, and no doubt new charges to follow.)

But the larger issue here is cost disguised. Add it up: Lease payments would have to total $2,590 to have 1/2 converted to a purchase, so taking him up on this sham means paying twice as much for the same software under the 'lease'.

Expensive Web-Based (Cloud) Software

'Web-based' or 'cloud' software offerings are even worse in that there's never an end to payments.

Here's one such come on for $99 per month, pushing 'no contracts, no large upfront fees, cancel anytime, free customer support, free data backups, free updates':

It's plain to see that the cost of this offering is $1,188 per year every year. How does this compare to a program like Best Consignment Shop Software which sells for $595 as a one-time payment with no 'no contract, free support, backups and updates' - a program that you own and can resell for something like $300 for a net cost of $295?

What if the vendor asking $99 per month for his software rearranged the pricing this way?

  • Software: $595 every year
  • Support: $200 every year
  • Backups: $100 every year
  • Updates: $293 every year
  • Total: $1,188

No matter how it's sliced the whole enchilada is $1,188 per year every year and there is nothing 'free'! A more accurate statement minus the sales hype would be, "Your $1,188 annual expense includes use (not ownership) of the software, support, backups and updates."

There are other serious issues with 'web-based software', like security, control over your own data, and dependency upon the Internet and an Internet connection.

Over-priced software by any other name
is still over-priced software!

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