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Consignpro Software Con Man Spanked by the BBB


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The BBB chastized Wilson at 'Consignpro' for illegally displaying their 'A+ Accredited' logo.

His one-man show was never investigated by the BBB, much less granted 'accreditation' or awarded an A+ rating.

The complete opposite is true. In an ongoing series of attempts to deceive the public, Wilson knowingly and willingly engaged in this act of deception to detract from the Actual BBB F Rating:

Click here to see the authentic BBB page on Conpro.

Wilson brags of having been in business since the last Tyrantisaurus Rex, and in that time he has floated many many attempts to deceive consignment-store owners for financial gain. That is the definition of "fraud".

He brags about the number of store owners who allegedly made the mistake of purchasing his software (4,000?) so at $1,000 per store, that's $4,000,000 (four millions dollars). He's either rich or just full of it. IRS?

This might be a bit hard to believe but in an open public forum he actually bragged about "firing customers when they cost you more than they earn you [sic]". See The Wilson Con Job.

Discover on that same webpage how Wilson conned software clients into accepting a software update, out of the (alleged) goodness of his heart, disabled their software and extorted money from them to remove his planted kill switch.

Elsewhere on his website Wilson admits, "I wrote this software for my mom." clearly admitting that he is the 'creator', 'author' 'support rep', 'saleman' and bullshit artist all wrapped into one - conning people out of $1,300 for the software and at least an additional $125 for the first year's 'support fee' and oh yes, grab this: "Free software updates with paid annual support" which said another way is "If you don't pay me every year for the ruse of 'support' you won't get software updates and you will need them to fix the many bugs that exist in the software for the mere fact that it was written by me, Brian Wilson, an individual posing as a 'software company'.

The fact is that the longevity and support of the software stands on the shoulders of a shyster. Is that the foundation for your business?

The coup de grĂ¢ce: 'I'm operating on the Internet as an LLC, Limited Liability Company. I can lie to you, misrepresent my selfless and my true constituency, literally commit fraud by deceving you to take your money, and you cannot touch my personal assets. Does the LLC have any net worth? Of course not, so let's see if you're gullible enough to buy my dog and pony show despite this heads up.'

'My income depends upon the degree of stupidity of my intended victims. Are you one of them?'

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