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The Con in Consignpro Software

For year Wilson at 'conpro' falsely represented himself as a 'CEO' of a (nonexistent) corporation "with offices in New York and Miami". The facts are that the 'NY office' was an apartment address in New Jersey and there was no corporation either in New York or Florida.

The fact was and is that 'conpro' is a one-man show with a lot of hype and bluster, but mostly a lot of dishonesty.

Most recently Wilson added this lie to his website home page: "No Forever Payments" but if you dig deeper you'll find this gotcha buried elsewhere on the website:

"Version Updates are also included in your Support Plan purchase."

The importance of this misdirection is that every software program has 'updates' and they are needed, if for nothing else, to fix 'bugs' so when suckers bite on "No Forever Payments" they soon discover how the above quote should be read:

'No annual support-plan payments? No updates. No service.'

In other words, if you buy this hype and end up in the software it will stop working one day because of a 'bug' and when you call for a solution, the first question will be "Did you buy the annual support plan? No? Well get your credit card out and we'll look at it."

NOw, some frugal conpro users in the past managed to get buy without paying the 'annual support fee'. Wilson offered that group of users a 'free update' out of the kindness of his heart and those who took him up on it found their software disabled days later. They were advised that the planted bug would not be removed until they agreed to start paying the 'annual support fee'.

Also not disclosed (prominently or at all) is Wilson reserving the right to, as he puts it, " a customer... because they cost you more than they earn you". Bad grammar aside, just know that if you get 'fired' this flim-flam man will keep your $1300! Take a look:

This Internet punk is a great example of how cheaters and liars use the WWW to con people out of their money. It's called "fraud"!

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