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Consignpro Users Hit With More Cost Increases and New Fees

Prices have vaulted again at Consignpro. The annual support fee for one copy of the software in use has jumped dramatically from $125 in 2011 to $200 currently, a whopping 60%!

Coupled with a substantial increase for the program ($995 vs. $1,295) and new add-on fees, users are passing more store profit from their cash registers to this avaricious software vendor.

New Fees

New fees have also been added like $50 for 'training' and up to $400 for 'data manipulation'.

New fees and price increases since the big boom in consignment in recent years are indications that this software vendor could be looking for new ways to supplement sagging software sales.

Fees After Purchase

New (and old) fees consist of $50 for 'training', $69 PER YEAR for data backup (often free elsewhere), training videos ($39), up to $400 for 'manipulating data'... The $295 for 'adding inventory online' seems to have gone missing.

Future Costs

Lurking future costs are copies of the software ($295), an increasing annual support fee based upon the number of copies in use (up to $300 PER YEAR for 5 copies), and full price for starting a second location.

Based upon historical patterns, anyone veering off in this direction can expect to be hit with fee increases and new fees as more and more people steer away from the price gouging at 'consignpro'.

Excessive Hardware Costs

Need hardware (drawers, printers, scanners)? This is not the place to acquire it. Prices are way over market and of course shipping is tacked on at the end of the order. Hey! You can get a 17" (small) touch-screen monitor for $595! (Dell 23" touchscreen: $170)

Deceptive Price Quotes

If price gouging and price trapping weren't enough, the efforts to deceive extend into the disingenuous art of camouflage. For example, the Star receipt printer's "List Price" is shown as $499 next to the vendor's price of $339, giving the illusion of a 'bargain'. Online a similar Star printer is available for about $180 - free shipping - no tax.

Add-On Fees

It also appears that the intended format in the ordering process on the website requires credit-card information before shipping charges are revealed.

Conditional Software Updates

Adding another twist to this web of fees and expenses, the website reads, "Version Updates are also included in your Support Plan purchase." Said another way, "If you don't pay the annual service fee, you won't be getting version updates (or support)."


To be fair to prospective consignpro customers, it should be disclosed that Wilson was exposed for offering an alleged 'free update' to a group of users who elected not to pay the annual support fee over time. What appeared to be an act of generosity was actually a manipulation which disabled users' software. He refused to remove the planted bug until each user agreed to pay the annual fee.

Adverse Policies

Before considering this vendor, you should know that he reserves the right to cancel your service contract and require you to pay full price to reinstate. It is well documented that he has bragged openly in a public forum about firing customers who, in his words, "cost you more than they earn you".

Creme de la Creme

A new device for reeling in new business is the offer of a 'software lease' with a quoted price of $129 (for one computer) 'for as long as the software is in use'. When pressed as to why anyone would pay $7,740 over 5 years to lease a program selling for a one-off cost of $1,250, the vendor then changed the offer to 'ok, 2 years'.


Clearly times are tough at 'consignpro' and several efforts are being made to squeeze more revenue out of an apparently-shrinking client base.

If you like to be annoyed with sales tripe and hype, ask the vendor for his list of silly reasons as to why you should join his fee parade. You see, he believes that there are a sufficient number of 'stupid lazy people' who will actually buy his nonsense.

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