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Consignment Software Features

It's a common practice for a software developer to offer editions of the software, escalating in features and price. In this segment on 'consignment software features' we'll see once again how vendors use features to drive up the cost of software.

These are the essential features of a basic consignment software program:

  • Consignor Records and Agreements
  • Inventory Records
  • Price Labels (with or without barcodes)
  • Automatic Discounting of Aged Inventory
  • Layaways
  • Consignments
  • Special Promotions (Department or Store-Wide-Sale Mgt.)
  • Sales Processing and Printed Receipts
  • Consignor Store-Credit Purchases
  • Settlements
  • Check Writing
  • Reports
  • Hardware Compatibility (printers, scanners, cash drawers)
  • Online Data Backup
  • QuickBooks Compatibility

Once again caution is a must. Two programs (priced at $395) provide all of these features: BCSS and 'Consignment Ease' from 'CCE'.

On the surface the programs appear to be very similar but there are two very important differences:

  1. CCE annual fees can be as high as $215. (BCSS: $0)
  2. Sixty days after purchase, CCE disables Layaways, Buy Outright and Sales Promotions and charges $180 to reactivate them.

Including an annual service fee of $100, the first-year cost of 'Consignment Ease' is actually $395 + $180 + $100 = $675 for a software program advertised at $395.

This is probably the most glaring example of how software features are manipulated for profit.

('Consignment Ease' by the way is NOT Best Consignment Shop Software. Apparently CCE infringed on the name 'Best Consignment Shop Software' by using a very similar name, 'Best Consignment Software' and recently changed the name to 'Consignment Ease'. It may be worth noting that this mom and pop shop continue to use 'Best Consignment Software' throughout their advertising. The image below is of a current search-engine listing. If we had a recommendation list, 'CCE' wouldn't even be on it.)

These are the advanced consignment software features:

  • Thermal Label Printing
  • Networking (multiple computers connected, sharing the same database)
  • Employee Management (tracking commissions, controlling software access)
  • Customer (Buyer) Records and Wish Lists
  • Credit-Card Processing
  • Mall Space Rental
  • Consignors View Accounts Online
  • Online Store Integration

If you anticipate needing any of these features, it's best to know their costs now.

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