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As this is written, searching Google for consignment software presents a site named with this listing:

Now, an unarmed Internet surfer without knowing the facts might interpret that as meaning that these guys have scoured the earth to find the best deals for you, and they are poised to help you find the perfect fit for your business - for free no less!

Utter Nonsense!

If you'll trip over to the home page you'll find this little disclosure:

In other words, 'we get paid for pushing you to a vendor who pays us for pushing you in his direction'.

That just sends my mind swimming in clichés:

  • Didn't fall off a turnip truck.
  • Wasn't born yesterday.
  • Momma din raiz no foo

And here's another: "The proof is in the pudding."

The proof is that the great programs with the lowest prices, free support and no annual fees aren't recommended by these self-professed do-gooders.


Because the great programs with the lowest prices, free support and no annual fees won't play the game, trusting that the vast majority of shoppers for consignment software will recognize the best values when they see them.

The Ruse

Everyone is required by law to disclose 'bias', like the provider of these search results does by disclosing "Ads related to consignment software":

In other words, they are disclosing that they were paid to place the product or service first (or recommend it) and in all likelihood have no idea what the software is, how much it costs or what possible value it might have to you. It's advertising!

Not only does NOT disclose their bias, they attempt to (mis)lead readers to believe they are acting in the shop's owner's best interest. Tell them to put in an email to you their reasons for their recommendations. Push for specifics, not broad strokes, then forward the information to me.

Here's an updated version where the purveyors of the site have upped their emphasis on 'free':

Pushing the highest-priced software (and hardware) on you is clearly not in your best interest, however, there is a good lesson:

  1. You buy the software.
  2. The software vendor gives part of your money (maybe 20%) to .
  3. The funds given to originated from you, therefore,
  4. YOUR MONEY goes to for their biased paid opinion.

In other words, 'free' is nothing but a big fat coverup of an expense paid by you.

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