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Antiquated Consignpro

The 'conpro' consignment software, as it is known is some circles, is exactly that, a 'con'. The program was written by an individual (not a company) and dependent upon the same person (not a company) but who's to know these days, thanks to an Internet that allows any punkster to put up a website, use the 'we' to suggest a multi-faceted existence while peddling a 3rd-rate program written in Visual Basic and using a flimsy database (Microsoft Access) for commercial use?

Wikipedia: "Visual Basic is a third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model first released in 1991 and declared legacy in 2008."

The relevant fact is that an outdated programming language combined with a non-commercial database might work ok when first placed into service but when loaded with a sufficient number of records (consignors, sales, inventory, disbursements, settlements), the sham surfaces. There's plenty to be found on the Internet and by calling stores using 'conpro' to expose the ruse.

Now, the con man who put this all together is relying upon the fool notion that by placing a high price on his home-grown concoction, a few will fall for the 'if it's expensive, it must good' nonsense. (Some time ago, the price was hiked from $995 to $1,295. That didn't seem to float too well - tooooo greedy - so now he's peddling "mid-summer sale, save $300). What a joke...

The elephant in the room is the fact that future support of the 'software' depends entirely on our fraudster to remain alive and well - and out of jail.

Not convinced? Ask these questions:

  • Who wrote the software program?
  • Who will support the software after you're in stripes? deceased? disabled? Off to a new scheme?
  • How many people are in your company. (Be prepared for, "When the software is this great, it doesn't take a lot of people to support it." Nonsense: There aren't enough fools paying $2000 and annual support fees to afford more help.)
  • Is your annual fee optional? (Be prepared for a simple 'yes' without the warning that if fees aren't paid service will be denied and if that doesn't force payment of fees, then software updates will be withheld as well.)
  • Can I sell your software later. Once again "Oh yes!" without explaining that the software can only be sold to someone buying your store who must continue to use the same store name, address/location and phone number - which rarely happens.)
  • How much does it cost to buy your software for another store? hint: Full price!
  • How much for copies of the software? ($295)
  • Do you increase the annual support fee with multiple copies in use? Yes:

    consignpro fees are unlimited

  • Is support available on weekends and holidays? (Try it for yourself. Calls during those times have gone consistently unanswered.)
  • Do you charge for training videos? Yes, $79.
  • Do you charge for setup? Yes, $50.
  • Do you markup hardware excessively and tack on shipping charges? Yes.
  • Is there an extra fee for adding data remotely? Yes, $295.
  • What's the charge for data backup? $69

To fish people in, a 'lease' came about sometime back. When first asked for the length of the lease, the response was "for as long as you use the software". When asked, "Why would anyone pay endless fees ($129/month) for a software they can buy for $995?" The response: "Ok, ok, two years then." Today the response is "two years and you get credit for half your payments toward purchase, so pay $129 * 19 months = $2,451 for a credit of $1,225. Make sense? Hopefully not! The only thing that should be obvious is the number of attempts to turn software into revenue for "the creator" as he refers to himself.

Clearly the objective is to skin every consignment-shop owner for as much as possible. After all, the real issues of importance are maintaining the software provider's condo in Miami Beach, his expensive car and his retirement nest egg.

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