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The Consignpro Scam

Well, you've been had, now discovering all the lies and hidden costs that weren't revealed before your money was taken and after the "30-day money-back period". Your victimization was by design. The perpetrator has been honing his craft of deceitful marketing for years and like all before you, no one has done a thing about it...

So, what to do -

At the least you should write a review on the perp's Facebook page

...then get about the business of correcting the mistake.

Every alternative with the exception of Best Consignment Shop Software will land you right back in pretty much the same boat: big up-front cost and/or ongoing forced payments. Now you know the truth about 'optional annual support plan' - you don't pay, the software stops working, either immediately with web-based programs or when a bug shows up, THEN you'll be forced to pay the 'optional annual support fee' (retroactively) before anyone will lift a finger.

Most people who dump Conpro as we call it opt for the Deluxe edition of BCSS with a one-time payment of $395 for lifetime use. If you need networking or printing thermal price labels, just step up to the Diamond edition for $595.

Actually there's a 105 'sympathy discount' for those who were taken by Wilson so if you're converting over, make sure BCSS knows so they'll know to apply the discount.

Perhaps now you know the biggest lie about conpro is the attempt to create an illusion of a big software developer "with offices in New York and Miami" with CEO Wilson at the helm. OMG LOL ROLF

He's not in jail because no one will do a thing about it.

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