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Consignpro Hypocrisy

True to form Wilson at Conpro bashes a competitor for a 'nondisparagement clause' which is fairly common these days:

Then after giving it some thought, he thinks, 'Hey, not a bad idea after all' and tacks on a similar provision to his End User License Agreement threatening dastardly consequences:

Of course he's talking out both sides of his mouth, bashing the competitor on the one hand for a non-disparagement clause in the EULA while including the same thing in his 'software agreement'.

Directors???? What a joke! There's just him!! There are no 'directors' and there's no corporation! Better heed the heads up: This is just another plant of an excuse to abscond with people's money.

Want to see more surprises tucked away in the 'I-told-you-so-when-you-installed-my-software' hiding place? View the entire Conpro EULA here.

Wilson has a long history of threatening law suits that never happen, arguing with his customers, 'firing' them when he decides they've taken enough of his time and requiring them to repurchase the software (now priced at $1300).

In 2009 he offered an alleged 'free update' to users who had elected not to pay his optional annual support fee. Those who took him up on it found their software disabled and when they called to find out why, they were informed that Wilson had planted a bug and refused to remove it until they agreed to pay the annual support fee. Can you say 'extortion'?

Wilson wrote his program in a primitive programming language, Visual Basic, using a database (Access) intended for light home use. Over the years he's managed to con people into believing that he is some 'CEO' of a (non-existent) corporation, baffling people with BS and pawning off his home-brewed software onto unsuspecting (and yes, gullible) prospects while he operates out of an apartment (Decoplage Condos) in Miami Beach.

You've heard of Internet con artists. You're reading about one right now. If you're considering 'his' software, better look closer. He's not about to tell you what you don't want to hear, but there's plenty of people who have wasted tons of money of his lone-wolf gimmick.

Comment from a Conpro User

Contacting ConsignPro is an easy experience but as they say you date sales but you marry service. Sales is great and they take time to step you through all that you need. However when you need tech support there is only one guy available (although you may get the owner on occasion). The tech guy can be helpful in troubleshooting but doesn't seem to care about your suggestions going so far as to tell me "we're not going to do that" when I asked for an improvement to aid with an inventory search. Once your tech support agreement expires it is $150 to renew it. I did not renew mine because many bugs have not been fixed through various updates. I continue to have problems and refused to pay money to fix a buggy product.

Additionally, the product has serious limitations. Perhaps the greatest is that if a tag falls off a store item you cannot simply look it up through a search like you might google a webpage. You must run a report and are unable to click or interact with the report to see the details of each item in inventory as it is a PDF report. You must print the report, then look up each inventory number one at a time until you find the item you are looking for. The lack of categories and descriptors in the software only complicate the issue.

Now to make matters worse I have an error#5 that won't allow me to print store receipts for my customers. Rebooting the software, computer, reinstalling printers, connections, etc do not help and this is no 24/7 support for ConsignPro. Even there email may not get answered per their own voicemail message.

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