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This is the current Better Business Bureau rating of 'Conpro':

Recently the head crook at Conpro (Brian Wilson) was reported to the BBB for fraudulently displaying this on his website's order page:

He was forced to take it down when confronted by the BBB.

Meanwhile he (and Dean Casey at 'the computer peeps') falsely claim that this rating for a nonexistent company (Net Money Business) is a reflection upon their competitor, Best Consignment Shop Software:

Click on this link to Google nonexistent 'Net Money Business'.

After 20? years of fraudulent activity, from disguising his one-man show as a 'corporation with offices in New York and Miami' and himself as a 'CEO' of a nonexistent corporation, Wilson has grown confident that none of his deceptions for profit will fall back on him but at least in getting word out there would-be victims can at least know that 'his software' is completely and solely dependent upon 'him' so it's highly likely that anyone considering taking that risk just isn't aware.

Wilson and Casey teamed up years ago to smear Best Consignment Shop Software. Casey does a similar thing on his website, publishing complaints against BCSS while insinuating that Conpro and any other business, software or not, hasn't had an unhappy customer here and there.

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