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At the time of purchase many purchasers of Consignpro Software were assured that the 'annual support fee' was "optional" without an accompanying fair disclosure of the penalties and consequences of NOT paying the 'optional annual support fee': the withholding of software updates and the denial of support in any form.

As many would find out over the course of time and after the 30-day money-back "guarantee" the software would need 'updates' as a way of fixing 'bugs'. Each would discover, when calling for help, that 'fixing bugs' wasn't included in the purchase price and sure enough, to get bugs removed, he or she would have to enroll in the 'optional annual support plan' to get the bug fixed.

Apparently this went on for years and a select group of conpro users managed to skirt the annual fee, perhaps finding work arounds or just tolerating the glitches. Wilson targeted this group with an offer of a 'free software update' along with an insinuation that the update was being offered as a gesture of good will. Those that didn't know better took him up on the offer and wouldn't you know, days later, found their software inoperable.

Here is one of the victims exposing him in a public forum:

"We were one of Brian's 1st customers (over 11 yrs ago). We had the maintenance plan for many years, but his updates over the last few years didn't apply to our business (and there always seemed to be errors) we have furniture and home accessories. In our last update (version 5.3b), he included something that would make the program stop working after January 12th, 2009. I When I contacted him, he was very rude and said he needed to stay in business. I told him I would be sharing my story whenever I had the opportunity to. He said to go ahead! So, in order for our program to work we must go to the control panel, change the date to January 12, open ConsignPro, change the date back to today's date. I have a computer degree, but didn't have the time to create my own "generic" consignment program. Guess what? I will be making time to do this. I paid Brian a lot of $$ over the years for a software program that would work. I referred many new businesses to buy his software. I believe Brian doesn't understand that to stay in business he needs to treat his customers the way he wants to be treated. If he wasn't producing any updates that applied to my business, then maybe the way to keep me buying updates, would be to create an update for "furniture & home accents" businesses specifically! Not to make my program that I paid for stop working. How unfortunate. If anyone else has this software, watch out when you stop updating! Then...try my work around:)"

If you want to see how a true con artist operates on the WWW, or if you're just up for a good laugh, here's the preserved forum thread:

Here are links to other reports about this scammy Internet punk:

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